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Attracting potential employers can be a question of seconds. Leaving a good first impression on a potential employer asks for confidence, a bit of magic and a fascinating CV. You take care of confidence and leave the magic of CV-building to us.

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Adapt your resume to any template format you choose. Fill in your information, add your work history, edit each section, delete any excess data and download your CV. Have fun and leave the formatting to us.


The templates are designed in different styles and format types, so pretty much any idea you have about the way your CV should look will be met. You can change font and color and additionally tailor the template’s design.


Experienced job recruiters helped us creating this platform, and they worked closely with our team of designers to create templates that will catch the eye of employers and represent you in the best light.

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Very easy to use, I had my CV ready in a matter of minutes! I must mention the impressive choice of designs. All in all, I had an excellent experience, so thank you very much.


I delayed writing a CV, because I could never find the right template, and putting everything together usually takes a lot of time. But I did great using your editor, and I’m more than satisfied how my CV turned out.


Templates are beautiful! The editor is so practical to use, and everything is in plain sight and easy to arrange. I loved building my CV this time!